Shipping Policy

Let’s talk shipping…

We will do our best to ship your order within two business days of receiving it. Most of our items ship out USPS First Class. Meaning you should have your order within 4-7 business days of ordering.

Pandemics, supply chain, mail pick up and delivery issues, all can make things go slower than planned.

Our focus is on providing handmade gear, that’s handmade in the USA.  This complicates things because we’re not simply drop shipping from various distribution centers across the world. All of our products are individually produced and packaged.  We keep most of our products in inventory, however, some of our items (for instance, items using paracord colors that aren’t frequently ordered) are made to order. 

We will do our best to communicate to you if we’re not able to ship products within 48 hours of receiving them. 

Questions, concerns? Head over to our contact page!