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Pace Count or Ranger Beads

Pace Count or Ranger Beads

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Our Pace Counter Beads, sometimes called Ranger Beads or Pacing Beads, are a great manual field and trail distance measurement tool.  They can attach to backpack straps or zipper pulls.  All of our Pace Counter Beads ship with a keychain ring that you can use if needed.

How it works: 

The beads are divided up into 2 sections: a 4 bead and a 9 bead section.  The 4 beads represent 1,000 meter intervals, the 9 bead section represents 100 meter intervals. Every 100 meters you pull down a bead from the 9 bead section until you get to 900 meters or paces. Once you've then gone another 100 meters, you'll pull down one of the 1,000 meter beads and reset your 100 meter beads by sliding them back up.  You repeat this until you you've slid down all of your 1,000 meter beads and then your 100 meter beads as well. At this point, you've gone 4,900 meters or paces. Once you hit 5,000 meters, you'll reset both sections and start again.

Primary uses:

Primarily, our beads are used for search and rescue operations (NASAR lists them in their Consolidated Pack Guide), and military and other tactical functions.   They are useful to backpackers and backwoods/wilderness adventurers as well as a way to track distances traveled away from camp.

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