Tactical Belt


Our Tactical Belts are handmade in the US. Our belts are made with 1.5″ heavy duty nylon webbing, with a heavy duty plastic buckle.

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What makes our tactical belts different from other brands? Well, our belts are made with love. But if that’s not enough for you, our belts are shipped in the size that you ordered, so you don’t have to measure, cut to size, and then melt the ends of the belt like many other products on the market.

Our belts also include a small security pocket that can be used to conceal, money, memory cards, a key, whatever you may need to.

Our belts come with a 1 year basic warranty. What this means if the buckle fails or if the stitching comes undone under normal use (please do NOT use these for climbing or choking people, or other things other than holding your pants up), we’ll replace or fix.

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