Survival Tinder Balls


Survival Tinder Balls are a tool that is lightweight, foil-covered to foil the elements. This ball of fiery fun is easy to use with a variety of fire starting methods. Easy to stow in a backpack, day pack, or your camp kitchen bin. It’s a tool you don’t want to forget when camping. Sold in sets of 3.


Our survival tinder balls are a great addition to your hunting, camping, or bug-out bag. Excellent for car camping, backpacking trips, survival gear, and everyday carry items.

Start a fire quickly, and don’t get stuck trying to use wet fuel or find enough tinder. Our tinder ball stays dry, and the foil keeps the fuel from touching the ground and gathering humidity from the damp soil.

They can be lit with various fire starters and burn up to 12 minutes in poor conditions. They come wrapped in aluminum, which also shields from the wind or the cold and wet ground.

These tinder balls are an excellent resource for those learning to use primitive fire starting options. Learning survival skills is hard work. Let us give you a helping hand. Fires during camping help you cook, keep warm, protect you from critters, and the smoke keeps bugs away. Every campsite needs a campfire. Every camper is responsible for fire safety; please camp responsibly.

Each survival ball burns long enough for you to begin drying out your kindling in any situation. Add this valuable time-saving tool to your backing, survival gear today!

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