Why Air Rifles Are The Perfect Survival Weapon

Why Air Rifles Are The Perfect Survival Weapon

We all know that the Daisy Red Ryder can put your eye out, however, modern air rifles have seen some amazing technology advancements which make them ideal additions to your bug out supplies.  

One reason that air rifles make such great accessories is that they can now be used to kill many small animals such as rabbits, birds, etc.  They can also be used to kill many fur bearing animals such as coyotes and raccoons. 

From an ammunition stand point, pellet (air rifles) have an amazing advantage over traditional firearms, as hundreds of cheap pellets can be had for a few bucks.  Even higher quality pellets are quite a bit less expensive than a box of .22 LR or a box of shells. They are also smaller, resulting in someone being able to take thousands of pellets compared to most firearm rounds that are much bulkier.

Another aspect of the ammunition advantage that pellet guns have is that it is quite simple to melt your own.  By removing the powder aspect of firearm rounds, it’s simple to find lead and other metals that could be melted down for ammunition.

In a survival scenario, especially a SHTF scenario, minimizing noise and potential discovery can be a good thing (maybe you like confrontation with desperate people).  Air rifles as a rule are quite quieter than firearms. For one, many of your run of the mill air rifles can’t break the sound barrier with their projectiles, but another reason is due to technology.  Companies such as Crosman are using technologies that replace springs with compress nitrogen gas within a chamber in the air rifle. It results in a much quieter firing, and performance doesn’t suffer either.

One downside however is that as with traditional firearms, air rifles with wooden stocks can become quite heavy.  I’d recommend purchasing an air rifle with a synthetic stock like the Crosman TR77NP .17 Caliber Air Rifle with Scope.

Other obvious downside is that while air rifles make excellent SHTF foot procurement tools, they aren’t ideal for self defense.  As most are single shot and lack stopping power, for self defense, traditional firearms are a much better bet.

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