Survival Tinder Balls


Our survival tinder balls are a great addition to your hunting, camping or bug out bag.


Our Survival Tinder Balls are a great survival tool.

They can be lit with a variety of fire starters and burn up to 12 minutes in poor conditions.  They come wrapped in aluminum which also acts as a shield from the wind or the cold and wet ground. Each survival tinder ball burns long enough for you to begin drying out your kindling in any situation.

Yes, you can make similar products, but why deal with the mess? Buy them from us and they’ll come prepared for your next adventure! We sell them in sets of 3, which is the amount you’ll need for a weekend camping or backpacking trip.

Our Survival Tinder Balls are handmade in the USA.  They are made with petroleum jelly, cotton, wood, and aluminum foil.  Perfectly safe for storage, and can last for years.

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