Firestarter Necklace


Our ceramic and ferro rod, handmade firestarter necklaces are a perfect everyday carry bushcraft, survival, and camping tool. They are handmade with a paracord string (several colors available, and a leather option coming soon), a 1″ ferrocerium rod, and a high-quality ceramic scraper. 


Our firestarter necklaces are helpful to start fires in all conditions (wind, rain, cold) and at all altitudes. These are lightweight as a functional fire starter, but because of the design, they are very usable and long-lasting (see the video!).

These firestarters are usable to start various fuel, including petroleum jelly-based tinder balls, dryer lint, wood shavings, cotton balls, and anything that can catch a spark. An excellent companion product is our Survival Tinder Balls, which can provide up to 10-12 minutes of burning time, allowing you to build a fire in any environment.

Ferro rods are an incredible survival and camping tool, and these can last for more than 8,000 strikes. Same with the ceramic scraper. Wearing your firestarter around your neck means it doesn’t get misplaced in the bottom of a backpack or drop out of your pocket. So, you never lose your fire starter, and it is quickly and readily available at camp. 

The paracord used in our firestarter necklaces is strong, Type III Seven Strand Paracord made in the USA.

At Graft Outdoors, we don’t just make our products to sell. Instead, we put them to the test by using these bushcraft tools regularly on our adventures outdoors. For example, you can watch us use one of these firestarter necklaces on our recent Jordan River Pathway (MI) backpacking trip. Watch the video here.

Be sure to add this fire starter necklace to your bushcraft and backpacking camping gear.


Additional information

Weight 0.2 lbs
Paracord Color

Woodland Camo, Black, Royal Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Viper, Pink Camo, Red


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