Outdoor & Camping Blogs

Here is a collection of helpful camping and outdoor-related blogs. These posts contain helpful how-to’s, reviews on camping and backpacking products, teach critical skills, and share outdoor adventures.

Outdoor & Camping Blogs

What to pack on an overnight backpacking trip is a post from Pack & Paddle Expedition Co that offers some basic insights into what you should pack on an overnight trip. Which Backpacking Stove Should I Buy? offers a few insights into camping and backpacking stoves that are the best on the market.

Valentine’s Day shopping? Check out this post from Pack & Paddle Expedition Co that lists Five Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Hiking Partner. Afraid you’ll get lost in the woods? Here’s a helpful blog post about some basic tips for what to do when lost in the woods. Looking for the best knife for backpacking? Check out these recommendations.

Did you know that camping is good for you? This blog post from Pack & Paddle Expedition Co explains how camping is good for your mental and physical health. With clinical studies referenced to boot. In Navigation Skills For Outdoor Adventures, Pack & Paddle Expedition Co discusses some basic navigational skills that you should be comfortable with when preparing for outdoor adventures.

Looking for a new hammock for camping? gopackandpaddle.com reviews the 5 Best Hammocks For Camping in this blog post. Deer Tracking Basics is a great article to read that offers some insights into tracking whitetail deer.

Hiking can be a great activity for a variety of reasons. Here are 10 reasons to go for a hike from Pack & Paddle Expedition Co. In a new post from gopackandpaddle.com, basic springtime bluegill fishing techniques are discussed. Choosing the right backpacking gear is critical when preparing for an adventure. Pack & Paddle Expedition Co discuss essential backpacking gear and how to choose the what backpacking backpack that you should get.

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