Becoming a Guide

Are you an adventurer?  

We’re looking for prostaffers and guides to represent Graft Outdoors LLC and our products!  

If you’re interested, please send a resume, your outdoor experience, a headshot, some pictures of you in action in the outdoors, and how you will bring value to the Graft Outdoors LLC brand, all to or fill out this form.

You do not need to be an expert survivalist or Appalachian Trail thru hiker (though we like those as well) as we’re looking for people who can actually use our products! Because why would you need our Survival Balls if you can make a fire in any condition with some wood and string?

Areas specifically we’re looking to partner with: backpacking and outdoor influencers, and professional/competitive traditional archers (longbow, recurve)-our traditional archery products are relaunching under a different brand name.

What’s in it for you?

Free survival gear.  Product testing.  T-shirts, and discounts!  And more. Fill out this form and receive a 25% off coupon code for your entire purchase.

Interested?  Let’s Go!